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#1 13 years ago

Original CoH never crashed, however, OF crashes every time. System is more than enough to handle game (at default Option settings). Dual Core Intel, 3Ghz, GeForce 7950, 2G & 512MB. Graphics driver is up to date. No problems with any other games. Wonder if anyone else is experiencing this problem?

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#2 13 years ago

Yeah, everyone is. Aparently one of the latest nvidia drivers is faulty, one of the beta ones or something, but in this case its OF. CoH used to crash a fair bit too, but they had it fixed by v1.4 or so, it just seems that Relic reverted to back to using CoH v1.0 with all its bugs as a base for OF, pretty much all the bug fixes that they did in all the patches got left out for it. Its not just restricted to Single Player, i get it heaps in Skirmish too, more often that SP, although i finished both SP campaigns in like 12 hours, and i've easiely spen over 50 hours in skirmish, despite the bugs and AI limitations. So in short don't worry, like everything else thats wrong with the game, it'll get fixed eventually.