already have some map ideas for COD (which isnt even frickin out yet....) -1 reply

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4th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

...anyway, here are the ideas:

Russian: -Kursk (Red Square, with open fields, tanks, and lotta '42s)

American: -Battle of the Bulge (defend wave after wave of German offensives, somewhat like Pegasu Bridge-Day)

British: Telemark D2O Facility (this one's in the Planning stage for me, so its pretty detailed)

The German Telemark Research Facility works in many fields of weapon advancements, but the most dangerous one is the production of D2O aka "Heavy Water", a key ingredient in the making of an 'atomic bomb'. This 'atomic bomb' is a weapon of mass destruction, and if the Germans managed to perfect a warhead, London would be the first target for trial.

Objectives: -Destroy the D2O containers (6 remaining) -Steal the German War Documents in the base (4 remaining) -Obtain the D2O Research plans (3 remaining)

*note all these are subject to change

PS i already have a rough blueprint of the entire level from roof to basement. weird huh?

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4th August 2003

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#2 17 years ago

battle of the bulge + cod = lots of tanks and lots of action