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10th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

The following is an official statement, presented by us at the Axis of Evil mod team.

This announcement is to clear up any concerns regarding Axis of Evil. Although we haven't had any pictures in a while, our team is still working hard, and we have recently acquired new members to our team. The most important part of this announcement is in regards to the future of our mod on Call of Duty.

As you probably know, the Price of Peace mod recently announced they are switching to Enemy Territory, and abandoning Call of Duty. This has led to concerns over the future of modding for Call of Duty. First off, what they said is true. Infinity Ward has not released the source code, and is not being cooperative with mod teams. That is why the only released mod as of now is Heat of Battle, which has yet to make any dramatic changes to Call of Duty that would strain its coding.

However, do not be worried. The Axis of Evil team is dedicated to Call of Duty. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and content for our game, and chances are we will continue adding new content to our mod so long as people still play Call of Duty and our mod team is still with us. Of course, the problem is the source code. Without it, we cannot release anything beyond minor changes and new maps. It is possible Infinity Ward is trying to release an expansion, and is afraid free mods may hurt their sales (such a concern is in EA Games, where a Vietnam mod called Eve of Destruction may have hurt their sales for Battlefield: Vietnam). However, I predict after the release of an expansion, IW will release the source code, if not sooner. Mods are important to old games as they keep them popular, so IW will not wait much longer after releasing an expansion to give support to mods.

Even if we do not get the source code, Axis of Evil will do everything it can to bring new content to the Call of Duty community. We will release our Italian and Japanese maps. Even if the lack of source code prevents us from adding Italy and Japan, we will release the maps with Germany as the axis team. We can also make minor coding changes, such as cookable grenades.

Infinity Ward may not be offering much help to mod teams, but rest assured Axis of Evil will live on, and we will not switch to another game or abandon our project. As long as Call of Duty has fans, Axis of Evil will prevail.

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22nd December 2003

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#2 14 years ago

keep it up boyos!



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12th September 2004

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#3 14 years ago

Excuse me , Poultry,but what's the deal with your site? Why is it down?:(