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6th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

A new russian rifle has been modelled for EF mod. Check out the site here.. http://efcodmod.com/site/ The upcoming modification, Eastern Front, shall depict the russians conflict in the war. It will remain true to history and shall take realism to a certain extent in terms of historic accuracy and gameplay. Some features will include ....... -New gameplay modes to be determined (only 1 scheduled for first release) -New maps, Stalingrad battles, Berlin, and many many more (About 4 are to be in the first release, coming in Feb.) -New weapons including flamethrowers, accurate historical weapons for both Germans and Russians, Maxim MG on wheels, Russian DP, SVT-40 rifles, new pistols, various explosive devices, and much more. -New realistic team-based feel to the game. -Players can choose their class and each specialty class will only allow so many players to choose them. For example on a team of 20 you may find 2 medics, 2 support MG'ers, one commander, one engineer (flamethrower), 2 snipers, and so on. (all these r subject to change prior to release date)