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15th January 2004

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:naughty: check this have it where one team carries the bomb right and they have to protect the guy on the team with the bomb that has to be planeted and each team has a target one team starts off defending other attacking objective planeting bomb on the target will if the team mate carring the bomb gets killed and he drops it so the other team mates have the chance to pick it up and attack the other teams target. kinda like a ctf but instead of capping the flag you attack the bomb carier witch the one on ethire team shows up on the compass and lets say hes running alone right and he gets shot well the player that shot him from the other team can pick up the bomb and run to that persons that got killed target and has a chance to win the game i dunno if your confused ask me and i will try to explain it in other words ........ like lets just say axis are caring the bomb hes going to try and get one of 2 allie targets. that axis gets killed by the allie he drops the bomb and becomes an spectator the allie picks the bomb up and now the instead of the allies protecting there attacking and axis is protecting its kind of like an sd :naughty: