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14th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

G'day all, i'm new to all this modding stuff and was wanting to make a single player mod for COD which i think is the best wwII game i have ever played but anyway back to my point i was wanting to make a Single player mod based on the Korean war from the aussie side of things and i want to learn to mod so if anybody could point me in a good direction so i can find out what proggys to use and how to use them because i want to make this mod in memory of my granfather who fought in the war i want to base the missions around his campains so if anybody could help me with proggys and how to make a single player mod i would greatly appreciate it!!!:naughty: Regards Prankzter p.s. if anybody wants to help me with my mod u r more then welcome because i wanna do it like the real game were u play the game from 3 sides i wanna do aussie where u play as my Granfather and an american side and a Korean or something side thanks.