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24th April 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi all, Most of the mods available from CODFiles for SP are for the Demo only and don't work with the full version. This is kinda irritating as the ideas and stuff are really good. Are mods depedent on what version of CoD you've got (eg 1.0). Will the 1.4 patch stop stuff working? I found a mod that works great, up to a point "z-user-sp_squad_mod.pk3". by ScorpioMidget and MattDaProgrammer. Unfortunately when I get to the brecourt map with or without this mod active the game gets a compile error and loops back to about midway through the previous map (carride). Is there anyway around or to fix this? Being a newbie, you'll have to talk slow and simple for me. Thanks