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25th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hi, The fact is I don't need help but that still isn't a reason for you to close this. I'm a WW2 player I play DoD, Moh, Moh:Sh, Moh:BT and CoD. I want to know how to make maps. I have some great ideas I want to lets lose on my clan. http://www.suicidlesoldiers.com So what do I need to make a map, what other information will I need? It would be great if you could reply and I would really appreciat it. I'm 13 but that doesn't meen I can't learn (I can learn any where but at school:fistpunch: ) And if you guys have any spear time could you check out my website add downloads etc http://www.ice-slice.co.uk Thanks - [color=blue]|SE|[/color][color=red]CoLoSsusS.Sgt[/color] - - - - - [color=blue]Cya on the battle field :dance:[/color]- - - - - - - - - - [color=blue]Through my cross hair :moon:[/color]- - - - -