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26th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

K guys, Im lookin for some mappers to make this type of map which i consider not diffucult. All i want for cod, is slightly bigger maps of the ones i and many others already like. So here's my idea. Can one of u (or two or 3 etc) combine the maps dawnville, carentan and brecourt together? meaning like, have carentan on one edge of the map, dawnville at the other (them being two villages) and the brecourt with trenches between the two? Altho i am not a mapper in cod, i think that it shouldnt be too hard of a task for u hardcore mapperz out there, considering u could perhaps just take those maps and add a lil in between. Well, i wanna hear ur replies and suggestions, and thx in advance for u ppl who try and actually do this.

ZeeSniper out