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23rd January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I bought the game when it first came out but what I'm new to is using the MODs and custom files that are out there. I have figured out some of the stuff and read answers to a few questions. But I have some others that I just can't figure out. I downloaded several custom maps and weapon sound files and they all said to go into the Main directory. They didn't replace the original files. First thing I found was with the weapon sound file I couldn't connect to any servers becasue it changed the sounds used by the game. I knew that was because they were pure servers and that's to stop cheating. So okay out goes the sound file even though it was cool. What I don't get though is why additional maps loaded in the main directory means I can't connect to servers running pure games. These maps should have nothing to do with the original files and shoudl only be loaded if I connect to a server with that map right? But I connect to servers and it loads the map all the way and just before the team selection screen it gives me pk3 errors. If COD supports MODs how come you can't have any custom files in the Main directory if you want to play multiplayer? I understand and support stopping cheaters and their modified game files. But how come custom maps are considered unpure? Can someone explain to me how come MODs get their own directory and are loaded through the interface but some files just get loaded into Main and then cause problems. I have a MOD that causes no problems. Only when I copy files into Main directory as instructed is there an issue. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? How come custom maps and files seem to be a big thing with the game but yet it doesn't seem to work.