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15th November 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I have no modding or techinical skill, so I'll need all the help I can get. I am looking to create a mod of other theatres in ww2 or expanded ones of those already done. I'd like to see 3 to 4 campaigns, larger than Call of Duties', but maybe 1 or 2 huge ones. My top choices would be North Africa, the Pacific, Italy, and something as a German soldier. These would be interesting for single player with new weapons and enemies, but also in multiplayer as it would give axis players some new armies: Itallian, Japanese, and French (yes we fought the French in North Africa, Germany sent them to protect it from invaders. read An Army at Dawn, which is a great book, for more info) I'd like to see some character development, kind of in a Band of Brothers style, which Call of Duty lacked. Also proper transition for campaign to campaign, which it also lacked. I'll be looking for people in any modding area, and foremost, someone who can create a webpage to get potential modders to join the project. Reply here or e-mail me at: [email][/email] ---and thanks in advance -oh, new idea, just came to me. In call of duty, you are always a regular -soldier, I'd like to see you be a medic or engineer too, now this wouldn't dominate your mission, just smaller side ones based on this. I think the engineer would be more fun, what do you think? Maybe we could move that idea into multiplay, with classes. I think it'd be cool to stratigically place explosives, bring down walls and stuff.

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13th August 2003

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#2 15 years ago

if you were to do something on a german soldier, why dont u have them fight the russians in their blitzkrieg...u could have them fight the french, but they surrendered too quickly...u could also have them fight Poland, holland, and belgium, but they were defeated quickly, so fighting the russians would be the best choice