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#1 15 years ago

I have been reading through the threads on this forum and the replies to different maps that have been released and have been getting mixed messages. In places it is said that new mappers shouldnt release their work unless they are sure that someone else wants to play it. I have one question about this theory, how will the new mapper know if anyone wants to play it unless he/she releases it? Narrow-mindedness is a 'quality' i dislike in people and so because of this i have decided to write this thread. However, there has been some constructive criticism on the forums and fan sites which i am all too happy to encourage.

Now that i have got that out of the way, i would like to propose a Map Request Thread from which new mappers can get ideas for forthcoming maps. Hopefully allowing the community to choose what they would like to see from the mappers will oleviate this destructive criticism.