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21st March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hi, a new mod, Men of Honor, is recruiting, and we need your help, we need 3 mapper, 3 modellers/skinners and 3 scripters :nodding: . Its a ww2 based mod, with new weapons and nations(japoneses, americans and germans). The website is on the way, and we r gonna host it here, in codfiles. We already have 4 new weapons, arysaka type 100, arysaka type 99, grease gun and g43, But we need modelers to shotgun and nambu type 99. We need also skilled mappers, to omaha beach, pearl harbor, iwo jima and other maps. So if u wanna join our team, email me to [email=""][/email] ICQ:270528131 :cheers: