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17th November 2003

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#1 15 years ago

PRM_Realism_Ver_1.0 is in this site's downloads section. It basically changes wep load outs, dmg from weps, and a few other things, also allows a server admin too do various things, like disable hud, and kill cam, etc.

Well I will be releasing the new ver of PRM either today(Monday) if all goes well. (1 minor bug/glitch in wep limiter)

********Updates********* 1.= Gives server admins the ability too turn off crosshair, compass, basically all hud options for clients. 3.= Enables ability for server admin too turn on and off kill-cam. 2.= Makes dramatic changes too weapon damages. 3.= Makes grendaes cookable with a 5 second fuse. 4.= Enables a weapon limiter for all weapons. 5.= Enables a bleeding mod. 6.= Disables Healthpacks. 7.= Makes it so no Sniper rifles are not dropped after a player is killed(done so to work with weapon limiter better) 8.= Ability to make players switch teams via rcon.