Spear of Bellerophon: British Airborne in WW2 (european theater) needs moddelers -1 reply

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12th November 2003

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#1 15 years ago

WE need to build up a team for our COD conversion,

Spear of Bellerophon is a Total Conversion of the Single player and Multiplayer Aspects of COD.

At the moment it is just us project leads in the stages of research, design and plot writing.

Essentially our fictional story takes place within and around actual missions and occurrences from the Landings at midnight on the 6th of June to Market Garden, the siege of oosterbeek and other operations in the European theater. We promise an exiting, frantic, highly dramatic, intense and ultimately cinematic experience, focusing on the British 1st and 6th airborne divisions.

We have been experimenting with the capabilities of the COD engine and have so far uncovered some fantastic possibilities. We are planning on totally remodeling the UK Paratroops (+other characters) and weapons so they are more accurate and realistic. We would also like to add some new weapons to the game and add some allied artillery/tanks. This is where we need help; we need someone skilled in modeling to work closely with the project leads on realizing and completing our objectives.

We are also planning our own multiplayer modes to compliment the single player game. All in S.O.B. game levels will be available hear as multiplayer maps in all these game modes in addition to other maps we are planning.

Also, being lucky enough to have access to a recording studio and one project lead being a musician, we will be using this to our advantage, in making a NEW and unique soundtrack for this conversion and recording voice tracks for essential characters within the game.

This is just some of the work going into this project and its is still early days, we will be looking out for more skilled individuals as we progress with the game. Perhaps you have other relevant skills you fell may be of use to us.

Get In touch

Project Leads:

[email]adam_watts@hotmail.com[/email] [email]eddie.ruffles@ntlworld.com[/email]