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9th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

HEy guys, im starting 2 new Total Conversions that will be for Call Of Duty. The first one which i have began some work on will be a Modern Warfare mod, basicly a conflict between the Americans and Various Middle Eastern opponents, and is curently dubbed Coalition Assault. The second mod will be a Revolutionary War mod, and will be between the American Continental Army, and the English Army, and has been dubbed Contenental Assault. I am capable of doign the sounds, good amount of the skinning, and menu, hud and so forth, however all help would be apreciated. However i can very well use any and alll help. What help i really need at this tiem are people that can model, create new animations (although that is secodn priority at this time), get the models and animations in game, and a mapper. Web site help could be useful as well but for now i will contend to make a site on my own. This mod will incorparate new thigns into CoD that will imporove the gamign experience. New voice commands and taunts and so forht will be incorparated. Also for Contenental Assault, swords will be usable. These mods will incorparate as much realism as possible, there wont be balancing of weapons to make it fare. Realistic hitpoitns will also be used. Ambient sounds will be anew in this mod as well,. There are so many thigns that are to be put into this mod, AND, IF with the proper support, these mods can grow to become MAJOR hits, so only with YOUR help can these become great mods. So please if you are interested in joining into the mod, or have questions/comments, just leave a post here with your Name--AIM--Email, or you can AIM message me at Heero Yuykk. THNX ALOT GUYS!

P.S. ive seen the other mods beign devoloped as modern warfare mods for Cod, i.e. iraqi freedom, this mod will outdo them if supported. big plans r in mind for these mods. new maps will give real locations from past wars, possible new game modes!, new map specific objects and weapons, plenty of vehicles. this mod will be striving to be a totaly new game in itself, so please support these mods, cuz nothign will happen if you dont!