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30th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hi all...

I posted on here the other day recruiting for people to help make a mod for our team, well after the lack of responce I thought Id better send what ive made so far to COD files to just wet peoples appetites and attract any potential mod makers out there that whish to join our team.

The new mod: New shell shock sound and animation, cool thud (heartbeat, not like the BOB mod one) with shell screams and men calling for medic. New M1Garand skin and sound (sound from MOH) New AI load outs and animation (for more just read the readme) New enemy textures, fed up of bleque looking Germans that have no unit or actual army type markings e.g. helmet decals have been made. New American textures for the helmet and some equipement for example: BRASS KNUCKLE DUSTERS STAINED WITH BLOOD Any more and it will spoil it, so I hope that its been attached to this thread, if not then ull just have to get it from COD FILES who ive posted it to. It should be up within a couple of days I hope.