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30th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Right well first things first, me and a pal have started to make a COD mod (mmmm COD) and we edited the tracers for a nice looking night tracer that was red, only problem is that all of the buggers have red tracer's, totally unrealistic for a realism mod. I think ive found a loop hole in which I can make a new tracer for rifles/SMGs/pistols ect and keep the red or blue tracer for MG's. But we need a scripter who can do this for us, and any other odd jobs that may need doing. This mod is sure to be the best one out so far because we have tried them and made our own to be better than theirs, not showing off just stating truth, new sounds, new realistic clothing such as Airborne gloves. P.S also I would like to include the para dropping into france bit, sounds cool, but wouldnt tie in with the proper game.