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4th December 2003

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#1 15 years ago

We at the >5th< Cavalry Regiment have a CTF gametype on our server. As we came from SOF2, we've been looking at getting CTF for Call Of Duty and we're currently adapting it for the best possible team gaming experience.


-We got the old SOF2 sounds working now upon grabbing/capping flag

-New flag locations are researched and seem to be the most effective and fun positions on the map

-Fixed KillCam and ForceTeam bugs

-Set a 15 second respawn time

Working On: -Fixing flag-bearer balance; You run slower carrying the flag and thinking about stripping you down to a pistol or something when you grab the flag...you wouldn't be carrying a huge flag and running with a BAR shooting from the hip in r/l now would ya?

-Fixing the first person view whilst carrying the flag, can sometimes get in the way

**Please let us know wot you guys think, we're getting a little traffic through there, but not much...and it's running fantastic. It's really something all you CTF fans should check out!**

**If you type in yer console "/cl_allowDownload 1" (no quotes), you will auto d/l the sounds for capping/grabbing flag upon entering the server...definitely a bonus**

**All should be said and done wth the newest, most complete CTF version shortly after the patch comes out *ahem* **

>5th< Cavalry Regiment



More Updates:

-Reworking sounds, making them louder and more noticeable

-Fireworks display upon capping flag

-New Pavlov spawn points

** If anyone has problems connecting, d/l'ing, or wotever on this server, grab Spearhead on MSN: [email]Mob_Al_Capone@hotmail.com[/email] or Maj. Jonathan Smith at: [email]liamduell@hotmail.com[/email] **