Why arnt my skins working ?! -1 reply

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18th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

hi, right ive had a real problem with my skins they dont seem to be showing up. this is what i am doing 1. Exporting the skins i want to edit to my mod folder for temp purposes. 2. Editing the files in Photoshop using a .dds plugin i downloaded off the nvidia site. 3. Using pakscape importing them back into my mod .pk3 file. In the skins directory. 4. Try hosting a LAN game with my mod activated. My gun realism changes are working but my skins are not. Please help and show where im going wrong :mad:


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22nd December 2003

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#2 14 years ago

are you editing, _mp or no? also try sever changes like making every person all black on one team and all WHITE on the other.