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22nd April 2006

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#1 11 years ago
I was playing a Inf only game and it seems that the USA compnay of air. is to strong. I just thought I would ask this to see what u guys think about it?


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1st December 2006

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#2 11 years ago

I assume you mean airBORNE company as there is no nitrogen/hydrogen/oxygen/etc company in the game... No I do not think it is too strong. Its strengths are good, dropping troops, AT guns, and supplies anywhere is awsome. The recon flight, strafe, and bomb runs are useful, but the damage they do is FAR less than that of the infantry company. After upgrading to howitzers and building 3 or more, they can be directed to lay fire down on a huge area and totaly devistate any built up areas with one or two fire missions. Also being able to fire into the fog of war and the huge range makes them IMO one of the most powerful units in the game. The off map arty ability also kicks major ass. Pesky engineers trying to cap a flag are quickly turned away with the red smoke. Rangers are also BAMF at taking shit down. Artillery isnt called "King of Battle" for no reason. Likewise, Infantry is "Queen of Battle" effectivly creating an autocratic monarchy.

Oh yeah, the armor company totaly sucks.


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#3 11 years ago

I agree that the airborne company is strong, but I wouldnt say too strong. As with any company commander, you have to take advantage of their strengths. I agree with AirAssault that the armour company blows...but I probably have not used them to their full advantage. I played a game as the Axis on operation cold water (one of my favorite maps) and I have never seen so many pershings...but then again that is what they make the V1 rocket for...hehehehehe.