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5th December 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Love this game - specially 2 vs 2 - but can't stand some of the abusive egotistical little twits that you come across - mercifully fewer than early months. Played with the sort of guy who walks off the court after your first double fault - moniker ends 2000, won't say first 4 letters and it finally dawned on e that there is a pattern with these children - one or more of the following will happen: (1) you will be called "dude" early on (2) they will ask your level within seconds (3) the word "idiot" will feature within 3 min of play (4) they tell you what to do and if it does not work they blame you! (5) After 5 min or so they will then tell ALL the players that they are playing with a "useless", "noob", "hopeless", fill in your own words, the thing is they want to make it clear to the world that they are special and blameless. (6) they will tell you they disbelieve your level (even though they can look it up easily enough!) (7) if by chance you are picked to play with them again they will denounce you to all and pull out. (8) This is the one that gets me - if you go to their stats you will find that they have found a way to drop from a game and NOT be debited with a loss. I am sure you guys have come across them - be prepared, its not pleasant!


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#2 14 years ago

Its wierd , ive been playing loads of 1 on 1 , everytime im winning and i got over 80% of the map , the other play starts to lag , im talking 30 second catchups and delays sometimes....then after a minute or so of lag , he will drop and i get a victory... makes me wonder if thats some kinda way of getting out of a defeat on their stats .... or hoping i will drop bcuz of the lag he's generating ( probably by turning on ***** , or some p2p programe)