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#1 14 years ago

Ok, i'm new to the forums, so i'm not sure wheter this thread has been used b4. But i've gotta say that "armour man" is a total nutcase, probably running it on a shitty system or he was born with brain retardness, anyways

I think Coh should be awarded best RTS unless it already has, lets look at the specs. it has the best graphics in a RTS when played on high. so detailed that you can see the expression of each soldier and the dust particles kicked up 50 feet in the air whe a goliath goes kaa- put..Then the sound, it has a nicely ochestrated theme, giving that WW2 feel to the games, plus the sound effects are kick-ass. Did you notice that when your select a unit, then pan the view some place far(like the other end of the map) he replies to you through radio. Gameplay is solid, troops ditch formation for cover, its only natural.its got a single player like campaign. And (finally) bullets bouce of tanks, and about time it did too. if there is a better RTS than this, anyone, pls comment:lookaround:



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25th November 2005

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#2 14 years ago

This is like..the complete opposite of Armor's post. However, I gain the suspicion this is an alt-account. You know, to gain redemption as another person?