COH Patch 2.301 to 2.400 not working -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

First off, hello to all I have bought COH (the first game) in august 2008 from CustomPC, because steam wouldnt let me do so for some unknown reason, and the game came in the form of 9 files to download, pre patched to version 2.301. It all worked very well. Now, i didnt play it for some time, couple of months i do believe, Tales of Valor came out and there have been new patches out. Oh boy. Now what happens is, i log into the game, it says it needs to download a patch (95.6mb) and it does, afterwards asking to auto install it. And then it comes up with a message that it patches version 2.301 and that i have an unrecognized version with an error code (10267). I googled upon this problem and went on Relic, they suggested bad dvd or reinstalation of the game. I reinstalled, didnt work. I re-downloaded the game, didnt work. I tried manually downloading the patches and installing, didnt work. I've formated and it still doesnt work :rolleyes:. They also said if it still doesnt work, refeer to error code 10144 i think it was. Still no joy. Anyone willing to help? I hope i can still play the game

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#2 11 years ago

I'm not familiar with "CustomPC", but sites which offer game for download often tweak the game's files to remove copy protection of add something of their own. If this is the case, then patches probably won't work (even Steam needs to edit Relics patches to work). I know from experience with other games, companies who purchase the rights to re-release old games under a cheap brand name (like "Replay") often screw with the games. For instance when i bought Blitzkrieg 2 under once such cheap brand name, the game installed fine, but didn't ask for a CD Key (and none was provided), but after patching the game it would require one to start the game. I'd suggest ditching that copy you downloaded and buy a hard copy on DVD, CoH and OF these days retails for about $20 each, the Gold edition (CoH and OF) for about $30-$40, ToV for about $50, and the CoH Anthology (CoH, OF & ToV) for $70. It's well worth buying a hard copy of the game, and you can get additional goodies like manuals, keyboads shortcut layouts, strategy guides, etc.


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#3 11 years ago
Buy and Download PC video games on Custom PC --- Here's the place im speaking about. It has a key and everything, paid 9.99 pounds
Oh well, maybe i will have to buy a hard copy then, thanks anyway.