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[Showing NOW!] Illumist Studios presents: River of Blood An original Company of Heroes machinima. The massive German attack that eventually gave rise to the Battle of the Bulge has been blunted. Allied Command has ordered a counter attack in retaliation. This is but one of the numerous battles that occurred during that time. Follow 2 units from each side as they battle to capture a critical town sitting on the Semois River, a battle that will stain its waters red. Watch Now!

Youtube Low Res YouTube - Company of Heroes: River of Blood Download High Res QuickSharing.com - Files Shared Quick! Up to 500MB! Screen Shots picture1ox6.png picture2yw7.png picture3qo5.png picture4hb3.png From the Producer This project started out as a video to show a Flak88 being one-shotted by a satchel charge in v1.61, but has grown to be something bigger. I hope you enjoy it.