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#1 12 years ago

I wanted to let everyone know about a 2vs2 tournament for Company of Heroes that is going on over at

Coh-zone 2vs2 Tournament!

Your favorite Company of Heroes community website, is hosting a new 2vs2 tournament for all sorts of Company of Heroes players. The most important part of this tournament is that we meet new players, learn new strategies to improve our game play, and to have fun. Fun above anything else, that's what we want to achieve with these tournaments. Therefor we are accepting EVERY Company of Heroes player that wants to join, up to a maximum number of players per tournament. Every player starting at rank 1 or ending at rank 20 can join and will find equally skilled players. Even if you are too late to sign up for the tournament, it's still not a bad thing that you signed up on because we have a fun community, we play together almost every evening, and we welcome any new player that wants to join us.

This tournament is for average players, so we encourage all that are interested to join. W also hope you check out the forums on the website, and feel free to participate.

All those that are interested can find more information at the link above. Hope to see you all, and looking forward to some exciting matches!