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5th December 2006

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#1 11 years ago

All you map makers take a bow, the ones coming out recently are fantastic. They present new challenges against the computer (and LAN) which I play more often now since I have become more and more sick of the smattering of uncouth derogatory kids in ranked matches. My dillemna - I have reched the point where I will win 99% of games agaist "HARD" but have yet to ever beat the computer on "EXPERT", if we play pairs and I set my partner to EXPERT and opponents to 1 HARD and 1 EXPERT we are likely to win. Opponents both on expert and we are very likely to lose. Is this just a question of practice , I mean how many of you guys can (hand on heart) say you can regularly beat the computer on expert. I thought I might try some 1v1 ranked matches (then I don't have to put up with whiners) but if I can't beat the computer on expert is it even worth going that route? I am better than "GOOD" but hopelessly below "EXPERT" - how does one improve from there???