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#1 11 years ago

Seeing as many people always seem to want an expansion with the Soviets and the Eastern Front, or the Italians and the North African front, how would that work in multiplayer games? Italians from 1940 couldn't possibly beat 1944 Americans or British, and it would be idiotic to have Russians fighting along side limeys in multiplayer either. I think that if they did add new armies from different fronts or years, that they should only play against others that they would be historically pitted against. While I'm at it, I thought I'd say that the Vickers implacement seems terribly underpowered. I recently had 2 MG42 squads set up and decimate my men while under fire from one. It can pin, but it can't kill effectively, and even pinning attacking infantry seems to take a while.


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#2 11 years ago

personally, while I think the next release will be soviet themed, I would prefer a Japanese/Marines game...if only for a change of scenery, terrain, scope and feel. Warm/wet versus dry/cold. Also, bayonet charges and more extensive bunker system/underground passages could be really cool.

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#3 11 years ago

Well sadly the game currently probably won't be able to handle all the extra detail and foliage that any sort or Japanese/Pacific expansion would entail, with a complete overhaul which relic simply won't do for an expansion. Popular demand seems to be Russia vs someone, and while many people want another german faction (which i reckon Relic will go for as well), i think an Italian faction supported by heavier German armour will do better. I really have no idea how tunnels would be implemented, perhaps something like the Tunnel Network from C&C Generals, thats the only way i can really imagine it without it being map specific. Unfortuantly melee combat isn't possible either on the current engine, because neither the engine nor the game was designed with it in mind (evidenced by the fact that units cannot switch between or drop weapons), and so the only way it would be done short of completely reworking the game would be a quick-and-dirty like the Zombie Mod tried.