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26th May 2006

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#1 12 years ago

So how many times you see these units out on the field? i'd say at every 60th game you might notice few sitting on some building with a MG42 squad but really when you can build Panthers and Panzer 4's and specially Ostwind's why would anyone wanna get 3 guys with assault rifles when at the point you get your Panzer command up you're knee deep in Shermans already? so what's the point?

What if Knight's cross holders would be a reinforcement unit available for one of the wehrmacht doctrines like Stortroopers for Blitzkrieg eh? maybe for Terror? the Propaganda war costs 3 points so Knight's cross would be next in line for 4 points and then there's the King tiger for 5 points.


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12th January 2009

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#2 12 years ago

yea they are such bs dude. they should be elite or sumthing atleast. with deadly accuracy and a one shot one kill type thing goin on. plus i think that personally it should be one of the guys in black and the rest be soldiers. u kno?

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26th August 2007

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#3 12 years ago

Their really good, and they are elite, hell it takes multiple sniper shots just to take out 1 guy in the squad! Not only that but they've got the best STG44's in the game, awesome health, almost immune to suppression, and you can run them through hordes of Rangers and still win. The best part is that they can run right past an eney MG without being suppressed, and they don't lose any men until the whole squad gets down to about 25% health. I always buy a squad in the late game for clearing AT guns and MG's ahead of my main tank/infantry force (and by this time my MP40 Volks just can't cut it). Really i suppose their over-powered, it takes dedicated anti-infantry, and lots of it, to take care of a squad of KCH, and even then it's difficult. I thinkt he main problem with KCH is that by the time you get to the Panzer Kommand, you want either Panthers or Ostwinds, most Wehr players see the KCH as a 3 man squad that costs 375mp, costs around 60mp per man to reinforce, takes ages to reinforce per man, and you end up having to use 2x medkits just to get them back to full health. Panzerfaust and Assault 'nades are abonus, but still not enough for many players to buy them over an Ostwind or a cheaper unit.


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#4 12 years ago

lethal dosage you are so wright i mean i played an axis player who had 2 squads of nightscross they ended up kiling my 2 ranger squads and 3 rifle squads and still had 1 man in each squad so for 740 mp those nightscross kiled like 1800 of my manpower id say thats a prety good deal ps all my infantry was double or triple veted i cried wen they died =[