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#1 5 years ago

hi all i hope you can help me, i remember playing a stock map on coh but after i installed it on a new pc the map has gone. from what i remember it was a square 2v2 map with a river running from corner to corner and had 4 or 5 bridges, a foot bridge in each corner a railway bridge in the middle with a train parked on it and a vehicle bridge not sure if there was another or not, the allied side was all farm land with the odd building here and there and the axis side had buildings and roads most of which were wrecked.

BUT!! the odd thing was on the axis side there was some wrecked cars with soldiers in acting crazy at the steering-wheel and if you throw grenades and kill the soldier a repair icon appears when hovering your mouse arrow over it and using the axis repair vehicle you can turn it in to a tank but it can not be used as its life bar is white and belongs to no team.

can anyone please tell me the name of the map and where i can find it? :confused: