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#1 10 years ago

Before I start, i've read the "this game is totally unrealistic" thread and personally Armor Dude should have his scrotum nailed to the nearest freight train. However, in the midst of the garbage there were a few points I partially agreed with, and since that thread has been declared dead, I thought i'd make my own. Relic Weirdness No.1 = M1917A1 HMG? Um, why? Why not the M1919A4? Relic Weirdness No.2 = M18 Recoiless Rifle. I could be wrong but I thought the first used of the M18 was by the USMC at Okinawa? The 75mm M20 was used from a tripod, and that was used in the ETO in 1945. Just curious why they didn't go for an M9A1 Bazooka. I know its the same as the infantry upgrade but, makes more sense than a Recoiless. Then theres the whole "Royal Commandos" thing but I can understand that, it was a way of including British Paras, Glider Riders and Commandos into one easy doctrine for game purposes. My main niggle is the unrealistic composition of squads. They are roughly the right size, but why not have a Serjeant or other NCO with a Sten Mk.III (Mk.V for Commandos) M1 Carbine (M1A1 for US Airborne) or Mp40? Why not have a squad MG, (like on certain units with an MG42 Bipod or the Bren)? Why make it for specific units and not for all? You could still make the Rangers or Airborne or Grenadiers feel different to the other infantry with how accurate or how prone to being pinned they were, rather than unrealistic constrains on weaponry. The US Airborne should have a mix of M1A1 Carbines and M1 Garands, the US Infantry should get access to an NCO with an SMG, a squad gunner with a BAR (from what I understand it, upgrading to BARs gives all the infantry BARs, not just one man? or have I misread that?) I haven't got to sample all the units yet, but the Sherman Crocodile is another weird one for me. Yes, there was a Sherman Crocodile, but, it had a trailer for the flame fuel, and its flamethrower was bow-mounted. The one ingame is technically a Sherman Satan (I think) although if memory serves they only had the flamethrower in the turret, not mounted coaxially (which is another thing, if the flamethrower is supposedly coaxial, why does the 75mm never fire?) Gamey decision I know, they had to make it "fun" over what was actually there. I suppose all this is technically fixable, if I were to learn a bit more about modding. I may do, although its very different to my usual haunt. I've heard its not possible to get vehicle or other interactive models and so forth ingame yet either, so thats the Crododile and the M1919A4 out then I fear. Anyway, what I'm curious about is what drove Relics decisions on the M1917A1 and the M18 anyway. Just plain "why"?

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#2 10 years ago

Actually when you upgrade, you only upgrade a single unit at the time.. atleast in the earlier patches.

while the rest of your rant is being fixed by various mods, so thats fair enough.