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5th December 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Please can someone shed some light. Small thing - know how to chat to my team, how do I chat to all. Now the real thing - as a woman (playing as tul1p on husband;s account) I figured I better practice like hell, so I did and got quite quickly to level 4, I love playing pairs, up until last week no problem but yesterday I had a long session and found that when we had got the enemy all but beaten suddenly (you are victorious) came up on the screen, before the game was finished, enemy down to about 20 points. Now my problem, these were not registered as wins or losses and yet the games we played to the finish and we lost registered normally. Seems that a way of avoiding defeat has emerged which makes the game a lose/lose situation. We cant win because they do something just before defeat to deny us a win. Actually very sad for such an enjoyable game to have this exploited flaw somewhere. I also notice now and then a guy (I assume) gets some quick points and then drops - don't know if he benefits but we certainly do not. Anybody shed some light on this because it seems pointless playing under these conditions - pity, hate to go back to things like AOE3 just because its fair and this is not.