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22nd February 2005

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Here is the Latest Update from the TGW MOD

[SIZE=20]Welcome to Our Website ![/SIZE]

We have another minor update for the mod, just to kindle your appetites for the mammoth upcoming press release and to prove to fans that we are still powering at full momentum. Just a small introduction on my part, I am WartyX, primarily a skinner for The Great War mod. However, as well as carrying out some minor odd jobs such as producing the release trailers and brewing the tea, I will be writing a large amount of the updates you will see on the main site and the forums - so you had better get used to me! First things first, it has been quite a while, but we now have a fully working website up, running and online. The team will be regularly updating each section; we have faith in fans to keep track of the mod’s progress eagerly! Make sure you check out the detailed FAQ and media sections, and register at our forums to get the latest news before everybody else! TGWBener.jpg Secondly, we have completed the model and texturing process for the German Maschinegewehr ’08, thrusting the gun into the Company of Heroes universe, nearly a century after being thrust into ours. A direct descendant of the British Maxim gun, the MG08 was officially adopted by the German Imperial Army before the First World War as its primary Heavy Machine Gun. The MG08 became a very popular machine gun amongst the troops due to its reliability and durability. Its effective range was estimated around and beyond one mile, and it fired a daunting 450 rounds per minute. However, the powerful water-cooled weapon was hindered only by its own weight, meaning that it was limited from being deployed as anything other than a defensive weapon. In The Great War 1918, the gun will be manned by specialised weapon crews of the German Empire. Much like the Heavy Machine Guns in vanilla Company of Heroes, their primary role will be laying blankets of cover fire upon amassed enemy infantry. MG08.jpg I hope this satisfies you for the time being; we will have more on the MG08 and other German Empire weaponry and equipment very soon in our forthcoming press release.