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#1 12 years ago

Tired of the Nvidia advertisement when you start up the game? Want to get rid of all the usual "start-up" movies before the main menu? It is rather easy to rename some of these movies so that the game starts up faster directly to the main menu.

First you need to go into the following folder:

C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\Engine\Movies

Look for and rename the following movie files to have .bak at the end (you will need to have Windows set to show file extensions)

- DivxMovie.avi - relic_intro.divx - TWIMTBP_1280x720.divx - THQx.divx

So for example simply rename "DivxMovie.avi" to "DivxMovie.avi.bak"

Voila! Quicker game startup.


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#2 12 years ago

There is also a command line "-nomovies"

So you would modify the desktop shortcut to:

"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -nomovies