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5th December 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Having been away from COH to give OF a chance to settle down, I come back (all keen now I have practiced as Brits) to so the usual automatch. Now until 3 months ago the automatch (let us sat pairs) would put similar ranks together typivally eg L3, L4 VS LV3, LV5 OR sometimes it would make equivalence eg LV2, LV8 VS LV1, LV10 which was fine.

Now I have played 5 auto matches on return and in only 1 were the ranks even vaguely balanced - in the last two we had the following : Me (LV2) with LV1 (poor guy was really new) against LV8 and LV10! Next, me (still LV2) and a LV3 fellow get given LV 10 and LV 12 to play against, I don't often give up but that was ridiculous - you know what's going to happen before the game has even finished loading. Heaven's above is this now normal or have I just encountered a few rare aberrations.

I will load the beta and play that if it is meant to sort the problem out but there is no fun for either side in these crazy whitewashes.


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#2 11 years ago

Yeah, i've always been set up against people in lower rank then me