How I fixed Condition Zero freezing when loading - Crashing to desktop -1 reply

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2nd July 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hey, First, it takes a long time to load the game, much longer then any other game I've had and I have a top of the line. hand-built system, so sit back, wait, wait, wait some more. If after a few minutes it doesn't load, then it really has crashed. If it crashed to the desktop when loading (and I had this trouble), I found the Omega video card drivers work best with Condition Zero. They have both ATI and GeForce drivers. Just Google "Omega video card drivers' without the single quotations of course (And no, I have nothing to do with the person or people who made those drivers, just they worked for me). When you install the drivers, best try the game at the driver default settings first before changing them as the changes could affect the game and make it crash. But I did get the video card settings exactly as I like them and the game works. And even when the game does start and when you try to hook up to play online, once again, even with a fast connection, if it seems nothing is happening, just wait patiently for a few minutes as the game will update stuff and can be very slow. Just make sure your firewall allows the game to access the internet and update. The Help Section in your firewall program should tell you how to manually allow the game to access the internet if you need to do so. I have done this with other online applications and games when nothing else would work and it has solved that issue in the past. If it didn't connect properly, it will time-out and a message will pop-up telling you it has after less then a few minutes anyway. If it does time-out, just try again on a different online multi-player server. If the time-out error message doesn't pop up, you just need to wait and should be okay. Then you might need to wait some more if the game needs to download the map or anything else for the server your trying to play on. If the game starts and you try to connect to a multi-player game but it won't after a couple of minutes, just disconnect and try again. When it wouldn't work the first time, it did when I tried again on occasion. Remember, be patient, wait a couple of minutes if you need to. Like I said, sometimes trying a different server helps if you can't connect. Hope this works for you. Peace, Kedar :) Note: Oh, did I mention really wait a couple of minutes, not just 30 seconds or something. Also, seems alot faster after the first time I actually played the game to load and to join any online multiplayer game.