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#1 13 years ago

I can't kill the freaking boss at the end... I have less than 2 minutes to kill him and he just won't die... I even held on to one of those anti-tank missile launchers to try to do more dmg to him.. what the heck am I supposed to do?? I hit him plenty of times during the regular part of the round/map.. Yargh! What's a girl to do?


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#2 13 years ago

Boss? I don't remember any bosses in that level, not atleast ones I could not beat.

Check this walkthrough text by GameFAQs:

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--------------------------------------- D. Building Recon ---------------------------------------

Head out of the elevator and turn left. Then turn right and open the door. Go forward to where all those soldiers are and listen to the commander (if you want). After that, you lads will get the show on the road.

When you start out, you won't have any guns, you'll just have some equipment. The first part of this mission is based on stealth, so use your Metal Gear Solid skills (if any). Crouch under the fence and use the fiber optic camera in the fiber optic camera zone (use right-click while in camera mode to look closer). Wait until those guards are done talking and start to walk away before proceeding. Keep going. There's one guard that's patrolling your area. Use your fiber optic camera and your best judgment to figure out when to go. The guard will say something if he spots you. When that happens, just quickly get out of sight. Head out of the barn-like structure and behind that fort of crates. Again, use your best judgment. If all else fails, you can wait until his back is turned and just make a run for it. Anyways, your goal is the stairs to your right. There's another guard in the snowy area around the corner. Go to the boxes right in front of the snowy area for another fiber optic camera zone. If nothing's in sight, go out and crouch through the passage to your left and into the next area, with two camera zones. Now there are two guards, most likely both on either side. It's best to wait for the patrolling guard in front of you to be heading right, while the other guard is gone in the building. Head out to the ladder, don't press the nearby button since it's just an alarm, and your mission will be over if it is pressed. While you're heading towards the ladder, a guard might notice you. Try to rush up the ladder if that happens. They will forget about it once you get on top of it.

Go up the next ladder and use the torch to take out the lock on the door to your left. That will wake up a nearby guard so crouch behind the crates until he forgets about you. Then enter the door and head forward. Keep going slowly until you reach a camera zone. Crouch behind the crates while going forward. Climb up on the crates to your left and use the blowtorch on the lock. Go in there and you'll immediately drop down. Blowtorch your way out of there and jump out. Go up the ladder and go straight ahead until you reach another camera zone. Don't go around the corner just yet. Wait until they walk away and listen to them laugh. Go right and open the door next to the alarm. I suggest saving here. There's a sleeping guard in the room and some bottles. Should you touch the bottles, the guard will wake up and the mission will be over. There are some crates by the guard you can jump on, and onto the shelves. Use the shelves to crawl into the vent.

Proceed forward and head out of the vents and turn left. Go into the room ahead. Use the switch under the red Atvienot sign. Now head out of the room and jump on the crates to get over the fence. Start climbing up the stairs slowly. Now just before the area where the light is shining, climb on the rail to the left and jump to the stairs in front of you, to avoid the sleeping guard. There's a break in the rail for you to jump through. Go forward and open the door. Keep going for your weapons. Quickly go to the photo camera zone, which is at the window. If you are too late with the photo, you will lose the mission.

The doors will open with some enemies. Go in and drop down and turn right for some health and ammo. Now turn back and jump on the crates and shelves to reach the hole above the broken elevator. Once on top of the elevator, turn left into the vent and climb down the ladder. The door to the right will explode open with more enemies. Then go forward and pretty much kill every enemy you see. After that, they'll say that the nuke is gone and you have to go after the leader. An ally will open the blue door and immediately there will be enemies attacking you. Keep going forward for some health, armor, a nice gun and some ammo.

Climb into the nearby vent (just left of that wooden X) and keep going until it drops you down next to an enemy. Go down into the ditch for a grenade. At this point, go near the window with the wood on it. Shoot the red explosives to remove the wood. Go get the ammo and jump over the crates. Turn left and go forward until you are outside again. Those are your allies that are outside. Eventually the brown door will open and you can go through. Proceed to the area that is in front of you (with the big brown door) for some health and ammo. Return and turn left to where all the action is. Keep going forward for some health. Air support will cause some more explosions outside. Go out into the open and turn left. A tank will come barreling in. Retreat and go into that little room out in the open. Climb down the ladder. Try not to stay on the blue stuff because over time it will hurt you. So jump on the crates to get across. There's also some health to your left. Climb up the ladder for more health and armor. Go outside for some ammo and rockets. Open the door and use the rocket to take out the tank. Immediately switch to a primary weapon because enemies will go after you. If you want ammo for all your guns, read on.

Climb up that wooden plank that has fallen. Jump left and on to the air conditioner. Go forward toward the crate and go left for the ammo. After that, go left of the burning tank for some MORE ammo and health. If you go forward, a guy with a machine gun will start shooting at you. Use a rocket to take him out. Go forward by using the crates on the left side. Try to avoid the blue center if possible. Go to the right of the fallen wall for a para and ammo for it. Now go left, there's some ammo and health nearby as well. Go forward to the brown gate where there are some enemies waiting to your right. There is some health here. After that, jump on the crates, then jump over the gate. Turn right and jump on the crates and over the wall.

Turn left and shoot the explosives, then head towards it then turn right. There's health, armor, another gun, and more ammo here. Open the nearby peach cupboard and use the blowtorch on the lock. Then head left, then right. There is snipers o' plenty around here. Go forward and over the rubble. Whether you want to use your scout or your other guns here is up to you. Anyways after they are dead, go forward, drop down left, get the ammo and health, climb back up the ladder, then go keep going ahead for some more health and ammo. If you go forward your allies will come from a helicopter and come help you take out the enemies. Anyways, jump on the crates to the right of the planted machine gun and into the caged area with the statue for some armor and other stuff. If that way is impossible, go around the other side and use the crates there (don't go on the side where you came from, but rather, the other side). If you go that way, enemies will be coming after you. Then, a little door will open to a lighted path. Go in then into any room you see open for ammo and health. Keep going and up the stairs until you are outside and you reach a door.

Open it and go forward. The enemies are below. Go right and down the stairs for health, armor, and ammo. Head out and into the passage to the left. Keep going forward and into the church. There is some health and armor. At this point, just keep going to the only places you can go, kill everyone, go up to the bomb, press and hold "e" (or use) on it and win the mission.

Maybe I didn't read it carefully enough, but I don't see it mention any tough guy that needs to be killed in 2 minutes.


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#3 13 years ago

Well, I read it, I've done everything it says.. I'm to the point where I would just defuse the bomb, except the boss is there.. maybe I didn't follow through exactly right and he should've died earlier on... don't know if it's because I might've set it on medium difficulty and that's why he's there... at the end where it says kill everyone and defuse.. he's one of the everyone, only he always kills me or the bomb goes off before I can take him out... yargh. Maybe I should just try to restart the lvl again.. yuck.