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15th August 2005

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#21 13 years ago

'Aurora-[NZ']1.6 is pathetic because any random shot can be HS, but in CS:S YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO AIM.[/quote]

lol rofl lol roflmao

its source dude that gets the random hs, its 1.6 that you actually have to AIM!!!!!!!111223!!!!

source: aim @ arm and get hs

[quote='Aurora-[NZ]']CS:S. 1.6 is been and done and now it's an ugly heap of crap. Sure it had it's good moments, there will be a time for all games to end.

oh its far form ended mate!

in fact I go to LANS often (50 person LANS) and all they play is 1.6 because it holds the old style, skill and such. 1.6 you can get owned by spraying n00bs.