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25th March 2006

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#1 11 years ago

my friend let me borrow cs and cz and i have a few q's:

1. i was playing the training for cs (he wont let me use his steam acount) and i noticed that when i move close up to a crate it gets very pixelated (this happens with all objects). im not sure what version i have installed but were there any improvements to the graphics during any updates? is it just my 1440x900 resolution?

2. do u need steam to play a lan game in cz?

3. how do u setup/join a lan game in cz?

4. i tried to install some weapon models/skins for cz but when i try to play the game just crashes back to the main menu. does cz need to be in the steamapps folder for this to work? what folders do i install the weapon skins (i know the models file but where? cstrike, czero, valve, czeror, all of them?)