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#1 9 years ago

Ok so I have a new server just got it 2 days ago. The server is running Warcraft3ft mod with CS:DM It is also running a BF2 rank system. Meaning you start as privates work your way up through the system. As you go up you get unique skills for each badge earned. Also the server runs 6 24/7 podbots 90% of all the maps can use the bots. I use bots for about the 1st month just so when ppl join they arent alone for 20+min. The bots are on average skill level and they do use war3ft so watch out. Also lots of custom maps. Fast Download is enabled takes about 2-5 min tops to download everything. Better then the 10min it took without it now. Hope to see the server full of people soon

Well Server ip is [COLOR=black] [/COLOR]