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7th June 2003

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#1 17 years ago

[COLOR=Red]Only reply if u want help[/COLOR] Hey, if anyone needs an admin to montior the server i can help

The things i know the best:

ShrubET's ! Commands (i'm most fimialr with this admin system) I can also set up ShrubBot

I'm looking for: (at my convience to be easiest)

- Shrubet server with Shrubbot Enabled

i'm ok at /ref but it isn't that good to me [COLOR=Red]Only reply if u need help[/COLOR]

P.S. i don't abuse it and I take reasons to kick, ban, or cripple them. It needs to happen more than 1 - 2 times for me to take action.

So only reply if u need help.

Other posts here will be ingored by me.


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29th June 2004

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#2 16 years ago

hey, i would like you to help, but we have a problem, for one, lots of people who play have crap connections a comps, so they lag on our server, but if you have a good comp wtih decent connetion, you should be fine, one more problem, we cannot get admins to work, i type setlevel [name] 5 and it says nothing, admintest works, and it says they are lvl 0, so if you can help us fix that , u can be an admin.