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12th October 2002

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#1 17 years ago

If you are trying to update the platinum edition it should already be so out of the box...

TemptoroFate I discovered that this is true as I checked it out myself. The Platinum version is already updated out of the box :) READ BELOW Last night I used Winzip to extract the 1.41 patch and look at the files. I discovered that the files contained in the 1.41 patch are very similar to the ones already on my hard drive from installing the Platinum Edition. Then I took a look at the Anet.inf both on my hard drive and the one in the 1.41 patch and, sure enough, they are identical. Here is the text of the Anet.inf placed on my hard drive from the Platinum Edition installation: [ActiveNet] Cmdline= Name=Return To Castle Wolfenstein Run=wolf.exe SessionType= Platform=1 Language=255 Version=81.2 SinglePlayerVersion=66.0 ShellOpts= [Version Info] Version=1.41 QA=2862 Branch=0.0 [Product Info] ProductID=rtcwolf ProductName=Return To Castle Wolfenstein WebReg= Notice the version info? Version=1.41 This Platinum Edition apparently does not need updated at this time. I do need to update my Punkbuster I think, but I will work on that next. Thanks to all. [/quote][quote=glorry77]I have the platinum edition as well, and also cannot update it to 1.41. And it's the single player that's version 1.32, multiplayer is 1.4.

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2nd July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

it was not like that for mine and i got mine yesterday