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8th June 2004

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#11 14 years ago

Source. I played 1.6 before source came out but I don't care about the little things since I play occasionally for fun.

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4th September 2005

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#12 14 years ago

I'm a Condition Zero player. CZ because of the graphics and the higher amount of maps, but "Old School" not because I think Source is "noobish" due to the simplification, but because I generally enjoy the bigger challenge level of 1.6.

Makes getting a headshot a bigger achievement if it's harder, and leaves less room for error when doing... anything, really. So... yeah. I like 1.6/CZ because they're a lot more skill-based.

(Although I don't doubt that Source's slightly more arcade-y approach is fun, it's just not really my idea of a good time. I have UT for that.)

The term "best" is kinda redundant. Since the only difference is personal preference, neither can really be declared superior.

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