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29th December 2003

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#81 17 years ago

This is so tough. We all want clean play. We all want new maps. We want to be able to modify setting to suit our playing style. Can we have all this and still have clean cheat free play. Funny we can't set our config files to "read only", but you can run cheats all you want! What's the deal with that. I can't put my clan poster on the walls of a given map, but I could (if I were a cheater) load in some glowing skins that can be seen through the walls. I know the game has been set up with clean cheat free play in mind, but It's seems to only stop the non-cheater from "adding color to the crosshairs or even changing them....adding better textures or pictures.....sounds....etc" The cheaters can add whatever they want. I don't think we'll ever get all that we want and have little or no cheats. In light of our clan always pointing out cheater clans and the like.....I would like to point out a Clan that I played against the other day. I SPEC'd them for awhile, and played with them a great deal. They are very good players, but what caught my eye was they were all cheat free. I mean they never even acted suspect though they played well. They had great team skills and it was the best fun I've had online. The clan was [DNR] Outstanding guys/gal whatever the case may be.

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17th June 2003

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#82 17 years ago
TheSwedeDon't keep your hopes up on PunkBuster... There will be no cheatprotection included in the new patch... Mods - Maps are useless since 99% of the servers are running PURE which means any other PK3 file in the game and you get kicked off for invalid PK3's... The decline in players the past 6 weeks is huge... Like any other game it was released before it's finished state so now the developers have to patch it up with old bandaids to fix it...

You are joking, you can't play on pure servers if you have custom maps? Funny, I have played on pure servers for other games and was able to play. Perhaps this is just a CoD thing...


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6th January 2004

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#83 17 years ago

i got bunches of verious pk3 files in my cod folder and i can still join pure servers. hey i also noticed nvidia r givin away cod with there 5900 cards now. damnit, i bought my 5900 when they just came out and the only decent game i got with that was ghost recon.



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24th November 2003

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#84 17 years ago
The decline in players the past 6 weeks is huge...

Interesting that someone else has noticed this also. Our server has been slower but. I thought it was just us kicking all the bunnies away. I think many ppl from DoD and MoH are burned out becuase of the the game play being to unrealstic. We are going for realism and team play on our server..

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15th January 2004

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#85 17 years ago

You guys are complaining about noobs and cheaters only thing i hate about online gaming is all the god dam* fu*king BUNNY HOPPER thats noobish and some of them people just do it to get a kill but you was a noob when you bought the fu*king game wasnt ya yeah you was cause hmmm it was new game!!! dumb azz complaining about noobs and cheaters i think every can agree that BUNNY HOPPERS are the ones to complain all about.... :fistpunch: :micro:

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4th January 2004

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#86 17 years ago



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13th October 2002

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#87 17 years ago

You can play on pure servers if you have custom map PK3's. But someother types of .pk3s will be detected as "unpure", usally these are files that modify the game, AKA Blood MOD


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16th January 2004

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#88 17 years ago

WHat the Hell is wrong with you Cod Has a great replable sp and the mulitplayer is Cutting edge do you wanna know why because there is may different stlyes of play like tactical severs that are accally tactical there is run a gun or all around play stlye. the guns are very balanced out. there are allready tons of custom maps and mods(its new). like custom maps from moh in cod are loads better. people in cod accually play custom maps unlike mohaa. I love mohaa though but cod is a much much better game and if you dont belive that cod is best then actually play cod mp


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16th January 2004

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#89 17 years ago

Well if you decide not to play send ur cd-key my way.


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#90 17 years ago

Because of the amount of flaming, spam, and illegal stuff in this thread, I am closing it.