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16th January 2003

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#61 17 years ago

Nope, I can spray and still get good accuracy.


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17th November 2003

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#62 17 years ago
*Amish*MarauderWTF you here wasting our time for then. GTFO.

What's the matter poppet? Another twelve year-old smacktard who can't bear to have the latest love of his life criticized, if you call what you've got a "life". I think we're all getting a bit sick and tired of biased US-centric BS being foisted upon us. Anyone name me a single US-developed/published WW2 FPS that hasn't come bent out of the box. It's not until the modders hack it to full-real that anyone playing Axis gets a fair game. Until the scum who cheat decide to trash the whole enchilada for everyone with their pathetic gutless antics (mostly the same afore-mentioned twelve year-old brats). Sad fact is this is the same dev team who couldn't get MoHAA right. I mean, no prone? They got prone into this one, but they managed to leave bunny-hopping in. Come on, what kind of cretins are they?! Basic stuff, stuff that any decent modder knows inside and out. Same issues, same crap. Well, when they finally get it right I'll stop getting refunds and continuing to play with a crack. I look upon games like these as a free alternative to solitaire...something to play when I'm that bored.