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18th July 2005

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#1 11 years ago

Okay.. i recently got banned from VAC servers from hacking obviously, in which i am ashamed to say-That was noobish of me.:uhoh: But i can still play non-vac servers and i decided not to hack anymore. I am thankful enough steam didnt totally ban my account. Well the problem is that after i got banned from VAC servers i noticed a huge change in the performance. it was veeeerrry laggy when i played. not ping laggy but graphics laggy if you know what i mean. like my computer can't handle such graphics. even if i set every option in the video option low it's still laggy. maybe i deserve that too if you can help i would appreciate it- thanks


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#2 11 years ago

Hm... Sometimes that happens to me. I have the graphics and all on medium, and sometimes it lags up. I change it 2 low, and sometimes it still lags. Usually it stops the next day. Then there are days i can handle high graphics (which is possibly the most clear picture i have ever seen ;) ) If you use skins, sometimes they can lag you up. You might wanna reinstall if none of that works


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#3 11 years ago

Are you using the FSK model hacks, which make all the ground models see through or something similar? That can be an issue of which you will have to reinstall the game and graphic card drivers.

Also, its best (Unless you are running 2 nvidia cards 7900gtx pro or something) to put all your graphics on low, and in the bilinear filtering.