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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=Red]Introduction This is a guide for newbs new to making their very own CS:S Server. This guide will not contain special details on a specific topic unless requested by a certain person. Good luck with your servers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- READ FIRST Before we start, I will give you some information you should know before you build your server. This includes some decent computer specs, and a rough discription of what internet connection you will need. Also, please confirm that you have at least 10GB on your C Drive. (Note: It won't take up that much, I just don't know exactly how much it takes up) [COLOR=Black]Computer Specs [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]The minimum specs you will want to run a decent Counter-Strike Source server

would be a 2.0Ghz processor with at least 512mb ram. I would strongly advise

you to have at least 1GB+ ram so your player capacity will increase. A good

video card is not essential.

Internet Connection As I told you before, this guide will not be extra detailed so I will not be making

that fancy chart that you might have seen from other guides. However, this will

still be accurate information. You will need to take a speedtest for the next part.

You can take one from the following website - www.speakeasy.net - Next you

will need to divide your uploading speed (Please note that this ins't your down-

loading speed) by 32. (For example, if I had a 400K uploading speed, I would

divide it by 32, and I would get about 12 players)

[COLOR=Red]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR=Black]Server Installation [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]This is going to be a long one, so I will divide the parts into numbers and sections.

1. Download the HLDSUpdatetool from -


2. Create a new folder in for C Drive. (For Example, C:\Myserver)

3. Run the HLDSUpdatetool and install it into your new folder. (C:\Myserver)

4. Once installed, run HLDSUpdatetool.exe from the new folder. (C:\Myserver)

It should start updating by itself now.

5. When it is finished updating, go to Start on your desktop, and then click Run.

In that space, type in cmd.

6. You should be at a Command Prompt. Type in "CD C:\Myserver" without the


7. Now type the following -

hldsupdatetool -command update -game

"Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\Myserver

8. It will now install your server. Sit back and get a cup of coffee, this can take

anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, possibly even longer depending on your

downloading speed. When I did this, it took me about 1 hour. Not too long not

too fast.

9. When it is finally done, it will stop downloading. Now you can start up your

CS:S Dedicated Server :cool:. All you have to do is click on SRCDS.exe in

C:\Myserver. There is also another way you can do it, but I will not explain it

because running it with the GUI is a lot easier. :D


Server Administration There are several ways you can admin your server. You could do it the simple

way or you can do it the more advanced way. First, I will explain the simple way

that beginners should start off with. RCON Administration is the basic way to

have admin over your server. You can use simple commands like changing the

gravity, kicking players, and banning players. You will not have access to those

cool commands like slap, gimp, and mute. If you are planning on making a

public and possibly a clan server, I would recommend you install a mod.

Information on intsalling plugins and mods can be found in the next section.

[COLOR=Red]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR=Black]Plugins and Mods [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]In this section, I will guide you through installing and configuring several mods.

I will also give you a few links to mods that I recommend. This will surely help.

Popular Plugins and Mods Mani Admin Plugin - www.mani-admin-plugin.com

Beetles Mod - www.beetlesmod.com *You will have to register on the forums*

Zombie Horde - www.zombiehorde.com *I think MAP is needed for this mod*

* Please note that these are just some of the wonderful mods out there *

Plugin and Mod Installation I will now guide you through installing the plugins. I will seperate it into steps.



*MAP Installation Guide* *All of the following must be done while the server is offline*

1. Download MAP from the link shown above.

2. Extract the files you get to your desktop.

3. Now open the folder which your server is in and click on cstrike.

4. Click and drag the folders from MAP into the cstrike folder.

[COLOR=Red]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR=Black]I will now guide you through installing the mod. I will seperate it into a few steps.


*BeetlesMod Installation Guide* *The following must be done while the server is offline*

1. Download beetlesmod from the link above.

2. Extract the folders onto your desktop.

3. Now open the folder which your server is in and click on cstrike.

4. Click and drag the the folders from BM into the cstrike folder.

5. To verify it's working, run your server and type empty_version in the console

and it should reply with the version.

[COLOR=Red]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR=Black]Admin Configuration [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]This is the final section about the server. You will learn how to give yourself

and others admin. After all, what's the point of installing the mod if you aren't

the admin of the server. I will use MAP as an example since this is one of the most

popular CS:S mods. It will be seperated into several steps for your convenience.


*MAP Admin Configuration Guide* *You should do the following with the server offline*

1. Enter the folder that has all the server files.

2. Enter folder "cstrike" and then click on the CFG folder from MAP.

3. Now enter the folder "mani_admin_plugin" .

4. Click on the text document "adminlist" It should look something like this.

[quote]// // Add your IP's Steam addresses, Names and Passwords // in this file for admins // // // e.g STEAM_0:0:21233123 // // // ADDING FLAGS MEANS YOUR ARE STOPPING ADMINS FROM USING // THOSE OPTIONS UNLESS YOU HAVE mani_reverse_admin_flags set to 1 // in your autoexec.cfg // // Restriction options are :- // // k = restrict admin from kicking players // r = restrict admin from executing rcon commands via ma_rcon // q = restrict admin from executing rcon commands from the menu // e = restrict admin from the adminexplode command // m = restrict admin from slaying players // b = restrict admin from banning players // s = restrict admin from running ma_say // o = restrict admin from running ma_chat // a = restrict admin from running ma_psay // c = restrict admin from changing maps // p = restrict admin from playing sounds // w = restrict admin from restricting weapons // z = restrict admin from plug-in config menu // x = restrict admin from running admincexec commands // y = restrict admin from running admincexec from the menu // i = restrict admin from running blind commands // l = restrict admin from running slap commands // f = restrict admin from running freeze commands // t = restrict admin from running teleport commands // d = restrict admin from running drug commands // g = restrict admin from running ma_teamswap and ma_balance commands // j = restrict admin from running gimp commands // R = restrict admin from running rcon vote // v = restrict admin from running random vote map // V = restrict admin from running vote map // Q = restrict admin from running question vote // C = restrict admin from running Cancel Vote // A = restrict admin from being able to accept/refuse a vote they started // B = restrict admin from running a menu rcon vote // D = restrict admin from running a question menu vote // E = restrict admin from using ma_rates // F = restrict admin from running burn commands // G = restrict admin from running noclip command // H = restrict admin from running ma_war command // I = restrict admin from running ma_mute command // J = restrict admin from resetting all the player ranks // K = restrict admin from setting player cash // L = restrict admin from using rconsay commands setup as type R in commandlist.txt // M = restrict admin from having custom skins to choose // N = restrict admin from being able to set a players skin // O = restrict admin from running ma_dropc4 command // P = restrict admin from running ma_setadminflag command // T = restrict admin from running ma_timebomb command // U = restrict admin from running ma_firebomb command // W = restrict admin from running ma_freezebomb command // X = restrict admin from running ma_sethealth and derived commands // Y = restrict admin from running ma_beacon command // S = restrict admin from running ma_setcolor or ma_setcolor // Z = restrict admin from running ma_give and ma_giveammo // p = restrict admin from running ma_spray // // An example would be if you wanted to prevent admin // with steam id STEAM_0:0:2388333 // from being able to play sounds and rcon command // // STEAM_0:0:2388333 rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !! // // Another example // STEAM_0:0:3389333 kmc // Admin can't kick, slay or change maps // // // You can also use admin groups instead of flags, you setup admin groups // in the admingroups.txt file then use them in this file. // For example if you setup a group called "Clan Member" and "Kick Only" you would set it per // player like this:- // // STEAM_0:0:1234234 Clan Member // Fred // STEAM_0:0:234884 Kick Only // Jim // // // If you wanted an admin to be created by IP Address you // set your entry to be in the format // // ;IP Address flag // // Example // // ; rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !! // ; kmc // Admin can't kick, slay or change maps // // If you want to have an Admin created by both steam ID and IP address you // use the format STEAM_ID;IP_ADDRESS flags // // Example // // STEAM_0:1:877489; rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !! // // IMPORTANT NOTES !!!! // // If you only use an IP Address, the character ';' MUST be directly in // front of it. // // There must be a space between the steam ID/IP Address and restriction flags // or the plug-in will assume that it is part of the Steam ID/IP Address // // Another alternative to using a steam id is a name and password // // The format of this is ;;"name";password flags // // For example I would use // // ;;"Mani";maniadminplugin rp // Admin can't rcon or playsound // // In order to use the password, put // // setinfo _password mypassword // // in your config.cfg file in your client installation. // // [COLOR=Red]Enter your Steam_ID here. If you are unsure how to obtain your Steam[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]ID, open console in CS:S and type status. Your Steam ID should be listed in console. [/COLOR]

Now save and close the text document and you should now be an admin. To

confirm this, run your server and then run CS:S. Open up console in CS:S and

type "bind h admin" without the quotes. Now add your server to your favourites

list and join it. When you connect to the server, pick a team and press h. If you

did the process right, a menu should appear on your screen with admin features.

If you didn't do it right, obviously nothing will appear. Do the process again or

restart your server. You can also edit the other files like adverts, admingroups,

reserved slots, and the other things. However, I am not responsible if you

somehow screw up your server while doing this. Good luck, I hope this helped.

[COLOR=Red]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Server and Admin Support I will be offering server and admin support for the next few days or weeks. If you need help, then you better hurry and contact me. I will not be very active on the forums, but you can still PM me. For better support, take a look at the contact info located at the bottom of this page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Information * Below are several ways you can reach me for daily, helpful support * Email: [email]xSinSakura@hotmail.com[/email] or [email]XCSFunky@hotmail.com[/email] MSN: [email]xSinSakura@hotmail.com[/email] or [email]XCSFunky@hotmail.com[/email] Forum PM: ~SinSakura~ (Not Recommended) Reply to this topic: Checked weekly (Not Recommended) * The best way to reach me is through email and Messenger * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback and Corrections I am more than happy to receive feedback on this guide. To give feedback, you could reply to this topic or email me. If you find any false information or bad grammer, please tell me so I can correct it. ~SinSakura~ *Good luck with your servers* [/COLOR]






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#2 13 years ago

Very good work...... What an exellent guide for a newb


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#3 13 years ago
Julz_94Very good work...... What an exellent guide for a newb

Thanks, it's pretty straight forward and easy. It's kind of like an advanced HLDS guide, but made simple and easy to read. BTW - Thanks again! ^^ Maybe I should add an extra section about port forwarding. Most gamers these days have routers and modems etc. which you will need to forward ports on.


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#4 13 years ago

[COLOR=Blue]How would you like to become a KaziSRCDS Moderator at www.KaziSRCDS.tk ? If you are up for the job, just email me @ [email]Admin@KaziSRCDS.tk[/email][/COLOR]


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#5 13 years ago

[COLOR=Red]Well, this guide was actually posted by me under a different name. Visit www.KaziSROCDS.tk for EXTRA support.[/COLOR]


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#6 13 years ago

hey for some reason when i type my ip to acess my router, it dosent let me, says connection was refused.. Please help!!


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#7 13 years ago

Nice tutorial man! GJ!


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#8 13 years ago

FileFront needs to STICKY this GUIDE! This is mine on my other account and it is a REALLY good guide. I know this.. Look at it.. 1.2K views man..BTW - I've setup a zombie server and is currently running everyday! Check it out at


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#9 13 years ago

Hey guys,

I am having some major problems with my srcds dedicated CS:S server. The deal is, nobody can connect to my dedicated server, it appears as when added to favourites, it doesn't show up in their steam list when searching, and when people follow me via friends or xfire, they get the error "connection failed, after 4 retries", or something along those lines. Only I can connect to this server. I have read basically every thread in these forums and still cannot get it to work.

My sv_region 5 is correct, because I live in Australia. I have sv_lan set to 0, as it should be.

I have a Linksys router WRT54GP2. I have tried to forward ports via my router, here is a screenie (please tell me where i'm wrong, as i believe this is where i'm going wrong): And yes, I have been to portforward.com and follow their instructions.


I am not 100% sure my ISP has given me a static IP adress, so i have follow this guide to 'get' one: http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm

As for the IP adress I give to people to connect to my server, it is the one that appears in srcds.exe when opening my server (in the command prompt).

I would GREATLY appeciate Any help given. Also, if you are willing to contant me via MSN, plz leave your msn addy here or pm me. Once again, thankyou!

MSN is [email]tech-for-less@hotmail.com[/email]



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#10 12 years ago

Hey when i open Srcds it dosnt open

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