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#1 12 years ago

Hi all,

I am a 24 year old from the UK, that has been playing Counter Strike since I was 16 years old. I moved over to CS:S when it was released, and didn't look back.

I've had an excellent time with players from all over the world, and been a part of several great clans, in some great leagues, such as Enemy Down.

I have run my own CS:S server for the past 3 years, which was ranked number 5 in the world for GunGame! The hardest thing I have found in that time was to find a truly excellent Game Server Provider. So, I am sharing my wealth of knowledge with you.

The companies I have used are:

Counter-Strike.com | Counter-Strike Servers, Forums, Maps, Strategy and more! Reliable game servers with a good control panel. I found the support to be quite good, but the prices were very average, which was a shame. After a few months of using these guys, I moved over to the next company.

Gaming servers, clan servers provider and game server rental - clanplanet.co.uk hompage I had a really bad time with these guys. Now, there service isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination - it would be unfair to say that they are poor. However, i emailed them for support on day one, then again on day two - and i finally got the server how i wanted it on day five. I emailed them to ask to cancel my service on the renewal date, and they billed me anyway, and pointed me to terms of service. So, i paid for 2 months and only wanted 1. I wouldn't recommend them.

INX-Gaming game servers. Clan servers and UK dedicated gaming server provider INX are a good company. Good, helpful staff with good servers. I had a great time with INX, and only felt it was time to move on when they put up their prices. I can't criticise their service, or the quality of their servers. They are decent. If you don't mind paying a bit more, this is one to consider.

Cheap Game Server CSS EndlessGaming game servers. Clan servers and UK dedicated Game Hosts Where do I start? If only these guys were around 3 years ago. I was skeptical, as always - due to the fact that they were a new company at the time. Anyway... In december 2007, i took a chance, and bought a server. It worked out at 81p a slot with a 10% discount (I think you can still get that discount if you post on the forum!) - which is cheap. Then, the support. The support was fantastic. There's a guy there called Jabe, who seems to know everything there is to know about everything server related. Within the control panel - which is really easy to use, they have auto-installers for a MASSIVE amount of mods. You name it - they have it. Zombie mod, gun game, mani, Enemy Down configs! It's all there, on an AUTO installer. Every support question i had was answered instantly, and i actually LEARNED how to do everything myself, as they tought me, rather than just doing it for me. In summary, I feel I owe these guys this review. Never have I been so impressed from start to finish, and actually feel quite bad about not continuing my subscription with them. I only hope that gamers out there, like myself, will read this post and give them a chance.

So, if you are looking for a game server for your clan, I hope the information above helps you make your decision.

If I've ever played with any of you, then it's been a pleasure.



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Thanks )


I didn't make it!

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Thanks for saving us the time for research.