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Yeah; I probably did club you.

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24th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I played on this so-called "clan" server and within ten minutes I begin getting kicked. This was about a week ago. I was clubbin' the nuts off of some dude named Excalibur. I go in yesterday, same deal. I go back in and ask what the deal is and the response from Ex. is "nice nade hack". LOL. I wrote the same and asked him if he had a clue they were running cooked nades on their server. No reply; just another kick. I offer to take an immediate screen. He said yes. I did. Tells me Emails are on their "clan" site. I go their. No links. take a guess. [email="excalibur@kortclan.com"]excalibur@kortclan.com[/email]. Bingo it works. They're crafty. I then leave a post on their forum explaining how embarassing it would be for them if they had a match against a REAL CLAN and had some fruit accusing them of cheating ON A PURE SERVER. Now, I told my buddy Sgt. Blah =VX9= about these clowns so his clan has first dibbs on the embarassment, but I encourage any and all of you who are in clans and want to pad your stats to challenge them. There is NO possible way they could take down any reputable clan. Get those clubs ready.:fistpunch:


Dread pwns me!

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28th September 2003

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#2 14 years ago

Its not a good idea to post about other clans abusive behavior. If you do get kicked from a server dont go back and make it worse. Just leave and go to another server.