Crysis Impressions? --Spoilers -1 reply

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10th February 2004

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#1 13 years ago

So I beat it. It took me 6 hours, but most of time was duck and cover waiting for cloak to recharge, lol. I was really surprised how much the game FELT LIKE A REAL FPS game. I think I am still in a mental rut thinking FarCry was a really unique game, mostly because I've used and like the Sandbox 1 editor so much. But Crysis ups the ante a lot: cinematics, sound, realistic character animations, shadows, intelligent AI, etc. Graphics...well since no one can run the game on High, I don't consider graphics so much. They're good, but they could be better. I assume it's just a matter of time as patches and new drivers are released [and yes, I have 8800 series videocard] that it will look better and the high end videocards don't force the game to actually look like FarCry now and then. So I think I'll be happy with the graphics once graphic cards catch up with the game.

It was laggy as hell, many times the dialogue would keep going as the game froze then unfroze itself later. Early in the game I saw some yellow swatches of textures [bright yellow, like when you have to rescue the girl from the korean general in the mines], and when characters spoke, they all spoke at once like in the overhead objectives, but I really didn't need to hear their babble, mission objectives were dead simple and easy to accomplish, even on Hard mode. I think I'll play Delta later...on Delta, the cloak is not uber useful like on Easy where you can grab and throw everyone. lol, try that with the minigun mercs. [seriously, those guys scared me, hehe.]

So anyway, I liked the experience, though I think it was an abrupt ending. I do hope that CryTek does not continue the plot though...aliens, invasion, nukes, DONE BEFORE. *Yawn.* 9/10. Points off for laggy game play [Do I really need a X6800 proc, 3 gigs memory, and 8800 Ultra for this game or what?!], missing textures that really reminded me I was in a game...killed the immersion [other effects the rest of the game was working so hard on to make me forget I was not playing a game], overlapping audio and character voices, and personally, I dislike how much Sandbox 2 is different than Sandbox 1 [though I am close to finishing a map for the game].



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20th February 2006

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#2 13 years ago

About the last part where you say laggy game play, yes. No card of this generation can apparently play it to it's fullest, or that's what the benchmarks tell me.


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1st January 2005

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#3 13 years ago

On the other hand when you compare this game and all it's graphics detail to other games recently released, they did quite well to keep the minimum spec low and even support shader 2 cards, which more and more games are leaving behind these days. I was surprised it even played on my previous spec (P4 3HGz, X800XT 256MB, 1GB RAM XP Home 32 bit) let alone at 35 FPS with High textures, Medium sound, everything else Low at 1600x1200 res. I bumped the res because by X800XT would not allow the settings I wanted to bump to Medium at any res. I now have an X1950Pro 512MB and 2GB RAM on the same AGP spec and am running High textures, Medium shaders, shadows, water, and sound, everything else Low, with 8x AF at 1200x900 res averaging the same 35 FPS. The difference with shaders, shadows and water cranked just to Medium is amazing. Everything looks so lifelike now. I even added two choppers, two AI and a LAW to the demo map which is now at 206MB vs 141MB stock and everything still runs pretty smooth. Dogfighting with the chopper is quite fun as well as trying to take on it and the ground troops at the command post on foot. A couple of my main gripes about the game so far though is the linearity and lack of tweak options. Everywhere you try to explore you get return to the play area or you'll be termniated messages or invisible walls. I also had no luck removing radial blur, it will only reduce to a level of one.